A Good Way to Relax (SaltirePhoenix/GahoWolf) by BlueKittyTales

A Good Way to Relax (SaltirePhoenix/GahoWolf)


24 February 2019 at 13:20:45 MST

Friday November 18th 2016

A job that had her on her feet much of the shift demanded plenty of rest, particularly due to the risk of violence with each incident. A warehouse security guard's job seemingly never ended, particularly when she had needed to step in to stop a lorry driver dumping his load of building waste - a sign of her town's increasing problem with flytipping. Worse, this driver was not only unlicensed to carry waste - he had soon turned violent and surged for her, requiring her colleagues to step in to defend her before the police arrived. She'd got into an altercation with another driver when he had impatiently tried to drive through the barriers before she had finished lifting them up for him. But the main event that evening was having to confront four of the warehouse workers at the end of their shift after she had looked through their bags on the way out and discovered each of them had stolen stock while they were picking.

Owing to her having had to be present for their enquiry to present her evidence, which resulted in all four employees being sacked for their thefts, Gemma hadn't got home until close to midnight. Though she had silently relished watching the two men and two women getting absolutely ripped apart by her boss, this jubilation was short lived, for these events had cost her her opportunity to continue writing the story she had in progress that night. Though nothing physically stopped her, she was simply too tired to get her brain's motor running now. Soon, the need to sleep would call forth, much like her occasional cravings for fish and iced coffee.

Indeed, by the time she got her shoes and socks off and made it into her bedroom, she was ready to drop. After a relaxing bath, she threw on the closest casual clothes she could pick out, wanting to wind down before she called it a night. She was content to simply put her feet up in front of the plug in radiator in her bedroom while playing her favourite music, allowing the beautiful song from the Trance composers capture her mind.

Soon, Gemma would be ready for another day. Though her mood calmed, she was craving a day off after a day like this.

Now I give you a piece another good friend of mine, SaltirePhoenix, got for me. Here, GahoWolf has made this lovely piece of Gemma, and doesn't she look sweet in his style? :3 Thanks so much for this, Phoenix. I won't forget this any time soon. <3

Original image: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/29689007/

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