Who Needs Mistletoe? (ReokuKurosai) by BlueKittyTales

Who Needs Mistletoe? (ReokuKurosai)


25 December 2016 at 16:06:34 MST

December 25th, 2011

The sun was rising, the snow was falling, Weron was blanketed in white. Christmas was here, the spirit was high, the fire would soon burn bright. The cheer was coming, the carols awaiting, the celebration was right. But not every mind was dormant early that morning, for while a soul still slept in the house on Delbin Way in Weron, another had awakened early, an idea bright in her mind.

Jackie had eagerly awaited this day for the entire year. It was not only the desire to get Christmas Day started with a bang - it was also because she wanted to surprise her husband, who had taken a two day break from his band's tour of the world to spend the day with her. Likewise, Freya was with her boyfriend Sam and his family, and Vic and Andrea had got together with the latter's. And when Ron had told her about this, she had found herself wondering if any of them had tried her idea before, but didn't have any opportunity to inquire, as he'd already fallen asleep. So, instead of sherry and carrots, she'd pushed aside some of the presents she and Ron had received from her family and curled up underneath the Christmas tree in the living room.

She didn't have to wait for very long, however, as just fifteen minutes after, she heard Ron leave the bedroom. And once he'd come out of the bathroom, he walked downstairs, and could be heard loudly yawning as he reached the living room. Once he opened his eyes, however, his face lit up like the Christmas tree before him, the reflections from the lights glinting in his eyes.


"Merry Christmas, Ron!" cooed Jackie. "Guess what you have for Christmas this year?"

"You?" grinned Ron.

"You're right!" beamed Jackie. "I'm your present under the tree!"

"You're always telling me you fancy a fox." smirked Ron. "Now I fancy a kitsune present. Shall I unwrap you first?"

"Oh, go right ahead, foxie. If I get to unwrap you first, that is."

Now I bring you a marvellous Christmas present from my dear friend ReokuKurosai, and what a choice he's made to feature Jackie here! Christmas Day isn't Christmas Day without your loved ones, and what's a better match than the one you love? Ron's really in for a treat here. ;3 Thanks so much again, bro. Here's to another year! <3

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