Movements In the Mind (ReokuKurosai) by BlueKittyTales

Movements In the Mind (ReokuKurosai)


7 October 2016 at 12:35:19 MDT

July 8th, 2011

The end of Ivan's tour had finally come, and night had fallen by the time his plane arrived at the airport. Another successful tour had gone by, and the sales of his music and merchandise had hit near record levels. And as the taxi pulled up outside his home, exhaustion was quickly setting in. He hauled his cases out of the boot and headed to his front door, with each of them feeling as though they were made of osmium. He laid one down and unlocked the front door, and was only just able to pick it back up again. However, it was only when he'd shut the door behind him that he noticed that there was a light turned on. It was the bedroom light, and what's more, he could hear rustling coming from that room.

"Who's in here?" he called out. The rustling stopped immediately.

"Oh, hell no!" cried a voice. "I'm screwed now!" He slithered through the living room and into the bedroom, where he found a Neko, clad in a black trench coat with black hair and fur abound, trying frantically to find a way out, the contents of his wardrobe and chests of drawers having been strewn everywhere. He had not got on with many humans or human Hybrids during his lifetime, and he saw no chance that this encounter would end peacefully, particularly when he realized this catboy was one who was wanted in South Triston for a string of burglaries. This was Reoku Kurosai.

"Why did you come here?" demanded Ivan.

"Alright alright, you caught me." said the catboy. "Look, I'm sorry, just let me go, okay? I don't want any trouble...hey, what are you?" Ivan noticed the catboy looking over his body, and couldn't help but smile as he took a step back. "Oh my God, you're a Naga! I can't believe my birthday has to end like this."

"So what was the big plan? It's your birthday, so you collect £10 from every player?" sneered Ivan. Reoku looked utterly aghast.

"Hey, how do you know it's my birthday?"

"You are wanted for counts of burglary." He remained watching the catboy when he didn't answer him, before he closed his eyes. When he reopened them, his irises had darkened in colour and his pupils had turned a bright, ruby red. This will teach him that he cannot burgle me and expect to get away with it. he thought.

"Look into my eyes," crooned Ivan, "and listen carefully." Instantly, the catboy became transfixed, his eyes changing colours. "You will do as I say...have a happy birthday! Walk towards me. I have a valuable you can take from me to complete your night."

"Yes, master." said the catboy, tonelessly, mechanically, and began to walk towards him as though he was a puppet being controlled from above. Once he was close enough, Ivan grabbed hold of him, and stuffed his head into his waiting mouth, before quickly swallowing him down inch by inch. The clothing served to mask his flavour, meaning that he only got to taste the catboy's face and hands, something that he found to be quite disappointing; he preferred to taste more of his prey than this. However, at no time did the catboy attempt to fight his way out - he remained entirely still, completely entranced as Ivan consumed him. As the last of him disappeared past his lips, some of his spent energy suddenly returned, and he massaged his bump appreciatively, believing he had done enough.

"That will be far enough, cat burglar. Back to normal when I snap my fingers."

Now the final file in my upload spree - this delightful birthday gift that my dear friend ReokuKurosai made for me. For the first time in a very long while is an image of Ivan, a character who I really need to invest more development into. ^^; Here, he shows off his ability to hypnotize others, and what better way to teach a literal cat burglar a lesson than this? :p This gesture means so much, bro. Thank you so much. <3

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