Meticulous Matters (ReokuKurosai) by BlueKittyTales

Meticulous Matters (ReokuKurosai)


2 September 2015 at 16:38:39 MDT

April 14th, 2011

It was a job that hadn't seemed glamorous at a first glance, and it was a job that not many patrons gave very much thought to, except when they were making their orders. But Wesley had quickly discovered that there was a lot to his new job as one of the barmen at the Crystal Bismuth night club in downtown Burr. Relocating had not been much trouble for him, and nor had buying his uniform, which he'd felt comfortable enough in to treat like his casual clothing.

Life, at long last, was going well for him. One month into his job, however, he was very surprised to come across a familiar face, who he had not expected would come all the way from Smokestacks to Burr - a full 200 miles separated the two cities. Sitting at the bar was none other than Reoku Kurosai, an infamous catboy thief who he'd found a friend in, and who he'd remained close to in their time in South Triston. Both were outcasts further south, and both were trying to find their ways in their lives, and to meet again was a delight he could barely contain.

"Reoku!" beamed Wesley. "What brings you up here?"

"I just had to get out, man." said Reoku. "It's way too rough in Smokestacks."

"That's why I left to come here." said Wesley. "The locals might have gotten used to me, but people still don't feel ready to take creatures like us on board."

"I know!" agreed Reoku. "I still get whispers and pointing everywhere I go, and not just because I've been stealing things."

"I can relate, Reoku." replied Wesley. "I always got that a lot as well. But what can I get you?" Reoku shifted in his seat as Wesley turned to the fridge behind him.

"I'll just have a Davies tonight." said Reoku, a smile appearing on his face as he gestured to the bottles of beer in the fridge. "I never imagined you doing something like this. How'd you manage to get the job here?"

"It wasn't that hard, " replied Wesley as he poured out his drink. "But believe me, we do have some catching up to do, don't we?"

"Yeah," agreed Reoku, "it's been way too long!"

And here we have a lovely gift from my dear friend, treasured bro and amazing buddy ReokuKurosai ReokuKurosai, showing off Wesley in a way he has never been shown in visual form before. Doesn't he look just smashing in this suit, ladies and gentlemen? =D

I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift, brother. I love this so much, and I love you as well. I can't say I'll ever get over this heartfelt gesture. huggle

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