Odour of the Credulous (vashy_wings) by BlueKittyTales

Odour of the Credulous (vashy_wings)


28 August 2015 at 12:18:48 MDT

June 14th, 2009

Ten years of marriage to her feline boyfriend Raymond had passed, and every minute it had lasted had been ones that Ruth knew she would not forget. Precious little had got in the way of the powerful love they shared with each other, although sometimes comments were made about them being two different species by those who observed only the surface. However, they both enjoyed chasing potential partners, which they had each discovered when they'd first met at high school in late 1994. And just as whiskers and kinking tails always caught Raymond's eye, nothing set Ruth off like a huge bushy tail or a long stripe down one's tail and back, even if said stripe had been applied in paint.

In recent times, she and Raymond had taken to visiting night clubs in search of potential lovers to chase, making a mockery of a marriage that supposedly meant monogamy. That night saw her go alone to the Nightime club in Weron, North Triston, where a number of Death Metal bands had been performing, and when the third band left the stage, she couldn't take her eyes off the guitarist. Though his tail wasn't shaped like a skunk's, her heart pounded rapidly and passion coursed through her every vein, for the stripe down his back was unmistakable. With that, she followed the band as they left the stage, waiting for her chance to catch him alone. And it came, when he stopped at the men's toilets, with the other members of the band parted ways for the evening.

She hid in the shadows as he came out, before he made his way to the exit with his guitar slung over his shoulders. Without a moment's hesitation, she gave chase.

"Cooee!" she called, beginning to emit her pungent spray as she broke into a run. "Look at you...my sweet skunk hunk!"

The second picture of Ruth, again done by vashy_wings, is now here to see, and as lovestruck as ever is she. Never is there a time when she doesn't think about romance, a need that had been so suppressed in her past. Who knows where her adventures will take her next? ^^

I have to confess...thanks to the influence of my bro ReokuKurosai, I've formed a strong affection for skunks. And it'll probably remain with me until the day I die. ^^;

Original upload: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10843620/

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