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Reality Through Perception (KoKoMai)


14 August 2015 at 16:44:03 MDT

March 26th, 2010

Desolation's footsteps made their rhythmic sounds in Ron's mind the more time passed since his parting from his wife who he treasured with all his heart, a golden kitsune by the name of Jackie, who had joined her mother and her sister on a holiday to America. Despite his will to join them, and despite them having invited him along even with the danger he was in from his father, he had not been able to get any time off from his college, where he was engaged in the final year of a four year course in Medical Studies. It had now been a full week since the last time he'd seen his Jackie, and it would be at least another week before he would get to return to her company. He missed her to the point of it being painful - he missed her sight, her charm, her personality which had drawn him to her, her magical abilities that amazed him every time, and even her smell. He could only study as hard as he could and play in the concerts and rehearsal sessions with Unprovoked Attack as the hours and days passed. While it wasn't a great length of time, it felt to him like an eternity that would never cease.

The first week had elapsed, and he had left another quite successful rehearsal session, even though much of the time he'd spent practising his riffs and solos had been spent imagining himself dedicating it to his special lady. In his drive home from the premises, however, he spotted a night club that he hadn't seen before, bustling despite night not having fallen yet. He steered his car into its small car park when he identified this to be the After Hours Annex, providing him with the perfect chance either to drown his sorrows or divert his mind from them in some other way.

He stepped into the club to find it to be as beautiful and brightly lit as the Tokyo skyline, with neon illuminations surrounding him at nearly every direction. Even the large dancefloor in the centre of the club glowed as a septet of clubbers moved in timed synchronization to the pounding and powerful music. Finding himself silently but visibly awed, he watched them dance for several long moments before he headed over to the bar area, unable to resist looking behind him for very long. Behind it was a skunk who, much to his surprise, looked very similar to another skunk he'd had a violent altercation with not long before, James. But the scent was not familiar at all, and when the skunk turned to face him, he found that his facial features looked quite different from those of James', even though his eyes were the same colour. He laid his guitar down beside him, zipping up its case where it had come undone, and whistled to the bartender when he turned back to the drinks dispenser.

"Hey kid," he called, "I'd like a beer, please."

Produced by KoKoMai as a quite surprising gift some time before The After Hours Annex closed down, we see a picture that was taken of my SL avatar as he sits at the bar area ReokuKurosai worked at. I was only on SL for two months before I decided to leave in July 2012, and I've never come back since. Here we see Ron in the form he's taken in Second Life, complete with a beautiful background that I think conveys his musical career perfectly. I'd say rock on, but I'm not sure whether that would apply to Death Metal. ^^; Brilliant work all through, KoKoMai! :)

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