Suspended In Love's Lure (ReokuKurosai/Yolin) by BlueKittyTales

Suspended In Love's Lure (ReokuKurosai/Yolin)


13 August 2015 at 15:19:13 MDT

December 23rd, 2008

The end of the year had come, and the brief Christmas break would be upon Belle and each of the other soldiers who trained in the Kryptbury Military Headquarters. The stage was set for her division to advance the next stage of their training, and those who performed the worst in these early stages would be eliminated at this first hurdle. The television commercials and newspaper adverts had often said that just the right mindset was required for the job, and Belle had managed to form just that from her period of life living on the streets, or in a hotel with the money she earned from the criminals she worked for.

Indeed, she'd quickly formed a strong crush on another skunk who trained in the same division on her first sight of him, and her fantasies and her lusting had run wild behind her silent and very shy guise. Mikhail, a 30 year old albino skunk who had emigrated from his home country of Latvia, was known in the division for having played the lead guitars for the Brutal Death Metal band Severed Head from late 1993 until their disbandment in November 2001, and in 2004 he joined Quartered, but left to join the Army several years after. However, any opportunity she'd had to talk to him had often ended in failure; her heart viciously pounding as though trying to get out, passion overwhelming her senses, she frequently couldn't find the courage to speak to him. And each time they parted ways afterwards, she felt her heart hurting; as though she would never see him again. Nonetheless, she had managed to introduce herself, and on her best occasions, she scratched the surfaces of some of the things she wanted to use to get to know him. But despite her desire to invite him home for Christmas, she couldn't manage to say much more.

But it wasn't entirely without hope. Her silent signs and gestures were often reciprocated when seen, though Mikhail seemed just as nervous as she was. Was there as much of a lust within him as there was inside her? Was he as desperately in love with her in silence as she was with him? Time would only tell. But she'd failed the objective she'd set for herself. As she left the base for the last time, having managed to wish him a great Christmas, she found herself imagining him cuddling her underneath a mistletoe in her living room, before tenderly kissing each other as the snow fell outside. However, the mere thought caused her to shed tears as she walked away, as she left the love she craved for the Christmas. Even though only three days separated the day of return, she found herself aching for him. She desired him so much. How much it would mean if she could spend Christmas in his arms.

It was a moment that she so desperately yearned for.

This beautiful piece of art was purchased by my dear friend and brother ReokuKurosai ReokuKurosai, who sneakily kept it out of my sight and knowledge until three days before Christmas like the sneaky guy I know and love. I was literally speechless the first time I saw this piece! Drawn by Yolin Yolin, there's such a warmth to this piece, and the chosen scene has proven to be really sweet! Thank you both so much for this wonderful gift; it truly has brightened up my Christmas! Here's to a fantastic Christmas for you, and many, many more to come!

Both characters belong to me.

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