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What Did the Monster Look Like, Booble? by Blu Dragoon

What Did the Monster Look Like, Booble?

Blu Dragoon

DOODLE! I meant Doodle! Heheh... uhhh...blushes

Been playing Monster Hunter 4, which should suffice for an explanation as for the lack of content in over a month, lol.

Anyways, the Guildmarm gal that helps sign you up for quests reminded me of Ysuffie, with the green clothing and the glasses, so I decided this picture was in order.
Problem is, the Guild only has one size of outfit to send out to the guildmarms, so Ysuffie will have to deal with a bit of tightness!
But now Flayra and vant_talon vant_talon's Vanita have the go-to person to sign up for missions! Time to get our own caravan goin'! Ooh yeah!

You should check out the Vector Vixens Blog for some more pictures involving Flayra, Ysuffie, and the rest of the gang, doodle!


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    that water mark. Bearers of the curse.