A Good Day for a Hunt by Blu Dragoon

A Good Day for a Hunt

Blu Dragoon

21 June 2015 at 13:36:28 MDT

"You can do it, Booble! The villagers are counting on you!"

"I'm on it!"

Like all other of my images, I should have finished this much earlier than I did, nevertheless, I am quite proud of how this piccie ended up!

Here we got Flayra in the main Monster Hunter set I use, the Nargacuga armor and the Squaliarmada Charge Blade!
The armor is rank 3 but I still use it for G rank missions as I love the look and abilities so much! :3
Here she is taking a stroll in the Primal Forest, probably admiring the scenery before heading in deeper into the area to take down a monster that has been bothering the locals.

A couple of firsts for me in this pic, such as a natural outdoor background, trying to depict sun glare, among other things!
Hopefully my effort shows through!
Now on to the next! :3c


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    Looks like a beautiful place to live around, heh.

    Also, I congratulate you! Armor that looks good on a body AND still looks like it actually protects it! applauds

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      Very tranquil~

      And thanks! That Monster Hunter Armor is pretty good at balancing out the attractiveness and practicality in most of their armors, lol. :D

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        ...think she could go for a companion to hunt with? cracks knuckles