[RE] - First Victim by bludermaus

[RE] - First Victim


7 April 2014 at 18:39:20 MDT

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, everyone! Here is Bludermaus speaking!

A young man ( wolfganghm ), the same man that made the request of the Bat Dracula asked me if I could make a picture where his fursona would be the Dracula's first victim! And I said "Yes, of course, I can do that". I think what he had in mind was his fursona being bitten...you know...being attacked. But I think a picture of the moment before getting attacked is way better than the attack itself. And where is a furry's normal habitat? Well, the computer, of course. So, what better place for an anthro bat vampire to strike than the dark and silent room of a busy/distracted/Idontknowwhatelse furry? I just hope Wolfganghm like what I did for him "^^

Well, that was it. Enjoy the picture, favorite it if you want to, and if you feel that it's necessary, also comment it. Have a good day, everyone.

PS: Did you already heard of Bell Computers? I can assure you, they are very very good XP A respectable company, indeed.

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