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[RE] - Wolfganghm Request - 1/3 by bludermaus

[RE] - Wolfganghm Request - 1/3


Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, everyone! Here is Bludermaus speaking!

This is the first of the three pictures requested by the fine coyote in the pic, wolfganghm wolfganghm! I plan on making three pictures, but if I notice it deserves one more, I'll make one more XP Anyway, this was supposed to be an animation, with a lot of dancing and swirling while dancing...but...even thought I know how to do that with animations, it would take too much of my time, and time is what I don't have right now XD So, we decided to make it a sequence of pictures instead! It's easier and I can work on it on school if I'm not busy! Although, school is almost!!! \ o / Finally, rest for 3 months straight! O3o

ahem For the story!

It's quite simple, actually. The fine coyote, Wolfganghm, was invited to my castle,'s quite un-polite to reject an invitation from someone who owns a whole castle :U And castles are beautiful, that's already a motive to accept the invitation :U
Anyway, after going there, he chats with me ( Bludermaus, the beautiful and might vampire in the pic ewe ) for a while until I invite him for a little dance! \ o / Yep....that's it XD Pretty simple!
I just hope Wolfganghm will like it...I didn't had too much time to work on it and polish it and all of that ;w;


First Part : It iz thiz one :V
Second Part :
Third part :


Well, that was it. Enjoy the picture, favorite it if you want to, and if you feel that it's necessary, also comment it. Have a good day, everyone.