The Utlah II by BloodhoundOmega

The Utlah II


29 December 2013 at 02:49:03 MST

This picture has been rummaging in my head for a while now. It's a remake of this piece I made 8 years ago.

… Wow... time flies by, it really does.

Even though I like my original piece from back then I felt it lacked … something. The Utlah was just standing there like a big chunky gorilla, watching emotionless to the left. I felt like improving the piece, conveying more of his social position through his posture, his facial expression a.s.o.

I left out a background and positioned him in the left lower corner to have the white empty space as an oppressive element, hovering over him. That way it's up to the viewer's imagination what he's really scared of.

Also I have zero patience for graphites. XD That piece was really eating up my nerves, but I can actually lean back and think that this, too, will be a piece I will like for the next 8 years to come and who knows how my third attempt of the topic will look like then.

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    You've most certainly improved in these past eight years, that's for sure! And I agree that this newer piece has far more emotion. The detail on the werewolfs face is wonderful.

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    Empty space can be a very intimidating thing when used the right way. This is one of those examples.