Undertale by Blackmoonrose13



16 March 2016 at 09:17:37 MDT

Lines by http://astralstonekeeper.deviantart.com/
Lines http://fav.me/d9utbxj
Speed Paint https://youtu.be/2wklKaThvX4
Songs used https://youtu.be/tz82xbLvK_k and https://youtu.be/mZRP7nQkfrM I couldn't decide okay
Tumblr http://catluniscia.tumblr.com/post/141148125246/undertale-by-blackmoonrose13-lines-by

Yep some more Undertale. This time staring Frisk and some of his friends. I used for the back ground the colors their heart turns when fighting them.....yea so original I know. But why mess with a classic you know?

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