Ich Bin Kawaii Medic by Blackmoonrose13

Ich Bin Kawaii Medic


15 March 2016 at 09:26:56 MDT

Lines by http://do-you-want-a-second-opinion.tumblr.com/tagged/my-art
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Song used https://youtu.be/DH9izyd-Tiw
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On the last episode of Boku no Fortress -image of medic- "Dummkomf Sempai! It's not like I like you or anything."

I am so sorry if my German or Japanese is wrong in any form or fashion. I just used what I know from anime and google translate and what a friend said to me when they saw the image.

So I went with RED medic because it works better with the blues I was gonna most likely use. Fun fact I thought I would try this with out reference. I did really well.

I also tried to add Sakura petals....then a friend pointed out to me after I showed them. That they have this little cut out thingy....Yea well to late now to fix it so weh

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