Saint Paddy's Day Girl by Blackmoonrose13

Saint Paddy's Day Girl


17 March 2016 at 08:37:17 MDT

Pencils by
Inks by me
Speed Paint
Song used

It's Saint's Patrick's day so you know time to break out the pinups. I haven't done a St Paddy's pin up in a long who cares.

If you are watching the speed paint (and you should because its cool). I love this song so much....also most songs in song libraries when looking under Ireland or Irish or the like most of it was depressing or some form of danny you know how many variations of danny boy there is? I wanted a song like heard in pubs full of happy and nice and not depressing for the love of sparkly green thongs

So um yea used traditional St Patrick's colors green, gold, orange, white, you know the like.

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