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SapphireKitty98's Collar by BigCatDen

SapphireKitty98's Collar


Made for SapphireKitty98 over on Twitter, this collar has multiple layers of detail similarly to their character it was made for. While collaborating on its design, we came up with this:
"With Sapphire having the history that she does, I want to do something that's a combination of old and new. The back strap will be simpler with a carved border, but also have a visible 'damage' and rough wear look to it. This'll give the feel that she's had the collar for quite some time and it's seen some of the battles she's gone through. The top strap will be cleaner and have the engraved design on it. Think of it as a newer addition to show the gentler side of her personality."
It was a great chance for me to try out a more worn and weathered look for the straps and my process...was pretty great. Case the strap to take on tooling and wrap it tight around a tree trunk XD It ended up taking the bark's texture perfectly. Adding some scratch marks here and there, the back strap on this piece looks like it's definitely seen some action. Not shown in this image is a small bone pendant charm that was added to the d-ring.

I really hope you enjoy this, Sapphire it was a lot of fun creating it with you <3

Check out some other angles of this piece!

Collar made for SapphireKitty98
Made by myself, BCDC

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