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Marianne_Asteri's Collar by BigCatDen

Marianne_Asteri's Collar


In this collar made for Marianne_Asteri, sleek, straight edges, carved borders, minimalistic rivets, and contrasting white fur lining give it sophisticated and modern look, while still staying utilitarian in design. It also features a raised nameplate and a horizontally placed D-ring, two things that have diverted from the usual concepts previously shown in this gallery. Both options will be available for commissions from here on as well! I was actually surprised by how this piece turned out, as I hadn't done a more 'modern' looking piece until now. I've always beveled my edges and done more intricate designs that I'd spaced on the sleek beauty of minimalism. Now that the doorway is open, let's see where it goes~
Thank you so much for commissioning, Marianne_Asteri, it was a pleasure creating this with you ❤️

Check out a close up view over on twitter!

Collar made for Marianne_Asteri
Made by myself, BCDC

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