Studded Brown Cuffs by BigCatDen

Studded Brown Cuffs


8 March 2019 at 13:37:28 MST

For those that enjoy the more rustic and natural look, these leather cuffs come sporting antique nickel-styled rivets, eyelets, and hardware, and are lined with soft, grey rabbit fur. They're sure to make a mark for any aspiring brawler or barbarian!

If you're going to Texas Furry Fiesta, make sure to take a peek in the artshow! I've got a table in the adult section of it sporting these, the Brown & Green Braided Cuffs, the Black & Red Filigree Cuffs, the Brown & Red Braided Collar, and the Blue & Brown Filigree Collar! They'll be up for auction as well as have AB options for those that just Have to have them~ Don't let these slip out of your grasp!

Like this or see something else in my gallery that you like? I'm taking commissions right now!


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    Your work is quite skilled and marvelous.