Cuffs from Furry Siesta 2019 by BigCatDen

Cuffs from Furry Siesta 2019


23 July 2019 at 10:19:29 MDT

Made for Texas Furry Siesta this past weekend, these sets of cuffs show a variety of different combinations of what can be achieved in custom orders! Braids, engraved designs, filigree punchwork patterns, soft fur lining, or the sturdy yet gentle cushion of leather, there's potential everywhere to fit one's own personal tastes. Each set will soon get a singular post as well, but this shows them all in one place for easier access.

(Prices do not including shipping)
Brown & Red Engraved w/ Leather Lining ($210)

Black & Yellow Braids w/ Fur Lining ($160)

Double Black Braid w/ Leather Lining ($200)

Dark Tan & Green Filigree w/ Fur Lining ($180)

Check out the separate photos of these sets over on my twitter!

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