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Blue & Brown Filigree Collar by BigCatDen

Blue & Brown Filigree Collar


With its designer leather lining and intricate filigree design along the strap, this collar is sure to be comfortable to wear, let alone show off in~
First time lining with leather and I'm so darn pleased with the results. Wrist and hands hurt from punching and sewing all of those stitching holes, but it was worth it in the end. The collar feels sturdy, stainless steel buckle and D-ring gleam in the light, and the blue compliments the darker brown so well to make the design pop ❤️

Like this or interested in something else in my gallery? I'm open for commissions!


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    It is so beautiful!

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      thank you! A lot of work and effort went into making sure it looked its best <3

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        That is very obvious and your work is wonderful!