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Bartan Balloon Bloat [Short Animation by Jinx] by Bartan

Bartan Balloon Bloat [Short Animation by Jinx]


Original Animation Post Here:

Note to self: don't go to an open house and openly complain about the lack of outlets in a room >>;; I'm pretty sure this place was haunted.

This... Holy FISHSTICKS! This was just an amazing Birthday Gift from Jinx, one he worked tirelessly on for freaking months! MONTHS! He deserves all the love and hugs for everything he put up with- And there was a List! Holy-! Guilty bear felt soooo guilty >>;;;

Seriously, there was:
-Issues with the fur not animating at freaking all, so he had to make Bartan a "Pooltoy"
-Issues with the belly not animating correctly
-Issues with lighting being a butt
-Fixing one little thing would cause a chain reaction of stupid things happening. At one point he had to scrap a days worth of progress due to such a domino effect-!

This never ended! Yet, the dragon persisted! Though it gave him sooooo much trouble, I still can't help but love this to death >>;;; I don't deserve such a thing- let alone as a Gift, but I will gladly accept it <3

Thank you so much, Jinx~
You make this bear Happy <3

By all means, if you're still reading this without actually seeing the animation, stop and go watch it! And give him a watch! And favorite his submission four times! >>;;; There's even Youtube links on each of his submissions~

Bartan © Me, I guess <<; After this, I'm pretty much going to be Jinx's pillow/bed for the next year
Animation + All the WORK © JinxMontalgo (
Done in Blender 2.90.1