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Somewhere Out There Act 13 - All You Wanted by Bartan

Somewhere Out There Act 13 - All You Wanted


22 October 2017 at 12:26:44 MDT

Friendly Warning
This short story might contain spoilers for the game: Angels With Scaly Wings
If you haven't played the game and do not want anything ruined for you, just in case, then you might want to wait until doing so.
Same deal as before and always; if you've made it this far, you probably know what's to expect (spoiler-wise). Other than that, sleep's finally corrected and the weather's been decent around here. Yet, I still have the damn AC in because it's still going to be about 20-freaking-C this week. Seriously, it's October, weather. Get your fish together and ditch summer already.
Otherwise, feel free to jump into this one.

I actually thought this act felt a little short while writing it, and it kinda is a little bit on the low side (24-26 pages). There's no sex in this one, might not be any for the next either but I'm unsure. If something comes up, I'll put it in. But this act was supposed to be more of a story based one, kinda like Act 7 was. I won't say much about it in case of spoilers, but I hope you enjoy a little more of a dramatic tone. Many questions will soon be answered.

That does remind me, feel free to ask them yourself. As in, if you were going to interrogate the wyrmling, what would your questions be based on the events/evidence you've taken in? I ask, because I'm so used to knowing the answers by now that I'm just curious if you guys have any specific ones. I'll likely put them in if they fit (in other words, if they're not silly ones. Like "What color is your toothbrush?"). Just trying to get some audience participation in this series <3

Angels With Scaly Wings © M. B. Saunders (of Radical Phi)
Somewhere Out There © Our Lady Peace
All You Wanted © Michelle Branch -does anyone even remember Michelle Branch? Fish I feel old...

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Literary / Story


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    Literally, when I first saw the first ending of the game, I was in literally tears. Then I see more and it made me cry. Believe it or not I was on vacation with my parents and the true ending made me cry silently so much that it literally changed my heart and soul altogether. This is how you make a game and I even had a comment told from that person's channel. "I haven't been that upset since Ryusta's Story of Cubone in 2014, and the dragon transformation story of a boy who become a dragon and decides to leave his parents for good, only 50 years later they passed away before he can see them again which both the character and myself cried, in tears." So this game reminds me of a story 5 years ago that I read that is now considered a lost story for me.

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      I fee for you, mate. AWSW changed a lot of people's lives, mine included. Though I detest how it's nearly displayed as a "Dragon Date Sim" when it's so much more, the game is getting more attention every day it seems. It's a wonderful form of storytelling, and I hope more games do it in the future. Regardless, thanks for sharing mate, as well as for the Follow! It's very much appreciated <3

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        Actually, an author on DeviantArt under a book called "Dragon Transformation Chapter 15" was the one that changed me forever. Seriously, until a real life attack changed who I was altogether. But this game brought me back memories of those books I once read. "Story of Cubone" "Dragon Transformation" "Life with Lugia Parts 1 and 2". Those made me dive into film-making more. This game was taking those memories I had and excelling to the max. It was incredibly powerful. I wish more games were like that. Even Pokemon Channel, the first game I ever beat, I still get tears to this day because it's the first one I beat. So looking at this reminds me a lot like Hey You Pikachu and Pokemon Channel mixed into one but in storybook form.

        I haven't read the story yet but I will once I get the chance to. I'm guessing there's so much folklore inside this game that the game didn't have enough memory to cover it. Or I'm guessing this is a fan story (which I don't mind those as well).

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          Somewhere Out There [SOT] is just a fan series I threw together after completing the game. Many of the endings made me feel a little... Empty, so it started with just me starting my own little one. It was actually a story I wasn't even planning to post, but decided to for the hell of it. Thinking there was nothing to really lose. That one short story specifically got a much better response than any of my others so far, as well as a couple of requests to try one with Bryce. From there, it just kinda went on, and I've recently completed Act 14 of it. Basically finishing two 'Seasons' of it in a few months.

          I mean, it's main focus is likely the adultery of the series, which is something I believe people wanted after finishing the game (no judging here, I'm one of them). But there is a story behind it that uses a lot of the lore from the game, let alone choices you were given. I try to keep it really close to the source material, aside from a few things. Be them choices you were naturally given, or the fact that the main character is not human (an outsider/ambassador still, but from the dragon's side of the portal). I understand that erotica isn't for everyone, however it is what people seemed to want to see/read... Especially after a few endings (looking at you two, Bryce and Anna). If you do get around to reading what I've worked on, mate, I hope you enjoy it <3

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            1) Huh, for me the endings is what really shocked me the most. It hit me as if I was running, then hitting a brick wall to end up realizing what just happened. But that's interesting where you came up with these stories.

            2) Of course. I am into the mature side of the stories and artwork instead of the past when I couldn't see that.

            3) Again, I haven't read your story yet so I don't know where the choices will end up until I get to that part. But that's nice for you to include it inside the story. I have seen the whole game myself so any kind of spoilers I just immediately avoid until I watch a walkthrough of someone playing it. Once I see the whole thing of each part, I'm satisfied with it. So I'll get to that part eventually.

            4) Erotica?? What do you mean by Erotica?

            5) Anna reminds me not much of cancer patents but of people in my family that passed away. My mom's brother and my dad's father both passed away ten years apart. At first, usually I don't get upset about it until someone comes up to me emotionally crying, and once I hear a few more sentences talking about their dead relative, That's when I start to cry along with them. I tend to be as serious as humanly possible because I may not care for it. But then the environment around me gets so powerful I have no choice but to cry. But I don't use tissues I use my arms to wipe away tears. But that menu music, gees, I haven't heard anything dramatic or emotional piano since Roy Todd's "Child of the Troubles" (The original not the remake back in 2010) and "Perspective" (A short piano piece that is now lost and nowhere to be found on Youtube, even though I had an MP3 back then in 2012).

            6) I will actually. I'll get to it once I'm done with all of these concerts and gigs.

            Although, I do wish that the developers would do sexual content (seriously, people have been asking that for years to have some kind of sexual content so people can masturbate to it) that includes actual sex. That's my opinion on the game itself, just one piece of it would be awesome to replay again. But I doubt that's ever going to happen.

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              1) Don't get me wrong, the endings were good. They just felt... Not really 'Unfinished", but I wanted more out of them. Several times I felt like I was almost powerless to change anything because the game wouldn't give me the option to.

              2) Interesting, I was the same way when I was younger. Was very late being the least bit interested in sex.

              3) It's not so much choices and separate paths you can take in the story, it's more for those up to date with the series. I'll sometimes ask or a take a vote on what might happen. I'll often ask for suggestions as well, be it for certain sessions/scenes the audience wishes to see, or outcomes. I think I only did one Alternate scene, which was Act 2. But I won't spoil that for you =3

              4) Erotica is just a fancy/more positive connotation to say that "This story has sex in it." Though, it's supposed to be shown in a light that's more romantic, vs it's negative counterpart (Porn, where the purpose is 80% for arousal and not much else).

              5) Ah, yes... I can't say I've really lost anyone close to me due to cancer, but an illness before. My father got Alzheimer's when I was in my early teens, and I often had to spend most of those days taking care of him. On top of that, I've lost two sisters due to suicide. So yes, I'm not strangers to hard times, mate <3 I know what it's like, and it's good to let the tears when they come. It's just your body's way to deal with the pain. Though I've never heard of Perspective, Sixx AM's "Xmas In Hell" is what reminds me of my youngest late sister.

              6) Alrighty, good luck on your performances <3 What do you play, actually? I'm curious now.

              Sex in videogames is a very thin line. Not only for the performance, but for the story to match as well. I think the game that did it rather well was Amorous, giving you the time to get to know most of the characters before getting that reward. Most companies/developers are likely good in one area (storytelling or animating sex), rarely are they able to put them together without hiding the performance in some way. The big issue that they're up against is... Well, to Furries: sex is not shocking. To the rest of the world: it's crossing lines. For a Dev to publicly announce that their game will feature sex (without stating it's educational) then I can see where things can go very very wrong. It's not their fault that the world is so Genophobic.

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                1) I didn't feel that exact way as you did.

                2) Well to be honest it wasn't until 2007 that I got into mature themes of sex and inflation.

                3) Up to date?

                4) I get it now.

                5) Perspective was a piano piece created by Roy Todd when he was on a flight trip to (somewhere I'm guessing) and it sounds so calm and mellow it was the perfect tune for listening to it when some kind of moment occurs in real life or in a game. It's hard to describe since it's been years that I've listened to the song and it no longer exists unfortunately. But I am planning to do a remake of the piano piece of it but end it in a different way.

                6) I mostly play Electro House in concerts since it's the easiest to mix (128BPM songs for example). Since Christmas is coming around the corner, I have MUCH, much more remixes and bootlegs I can pull out from my collection and put it into the mix.

                While I did like that piece a bit, I do wish (Still) there was an option of sex Once you got the connection between you and the character talking with in the game. It's something that I tend to look forward to the most when it comes it to. Too bad they can't make a slightly different version in which it does have sex in it and the other version does not. That way people are satisfied no matter what version it would be. That's my opinion but what you said there is true as well.

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                  2007? It was close about that time for me as well to start actually feeling a more mature attraction towards furry based subjects. In a way, the same for the fetish as well (even Inflation specifically). Though I didn't actually get opened enough to inflation until almost a year ago. I had a little bit of it here and there within my other pieces, but never really started it until my Destruction Preventer series, where the main character in that actually has that fetish. Let alone, the first story that was pure adultery: Counting Stars. Though I know you have a blueberry-style of fetish, I can't say I've ever done that in any of my pieces. Just never tickled me in that way.

                  As for the SOT stories, "Up To Date" meaning you've read/are reading the latest Act I've put out. But I'm always up for suggestions between the characters, even if they are repeats. If you've got one that's been on your mind, feel free to say it and I can tell you if I've done it yet (let alone where). If you want a little more besides that, feel free to say so. Just try to keep the fetishes to a tame/minimum, in case others might not find it appealing. That's all I ask <3

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                    1) Yeah, it's been ten years since I discovered my favorite sexual stuff.

                    2) Huh, I was always into inflation since Willy Wonka. To this day I still use the oompa loompa songs to ______ to the songs.

                    3) I usually find other people that are into it. Otherwise, I still like them though it would be hard to be friends with them.

                    4) Ahhh I get ya. I don't have any ideas in my head so far so, really nothing yet.

                    5) Probably we'll talk fetishes in a private note instead of public. I've met three people who were disgusted by it and I wasn't surprised by their reactions. Yes, my kinks are disgusting but that's how I like it. People may have disgusting things they like but some people and myself don't like at all. That's just human nature.