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ゴレムジュウキ by BaronFangerus



This is without a doubt one of the Psyma Beasts demons for whom I have a great affection and special love, since the first time I saw him, I always dreamed of drawing it and bringing it to life! I want to meet to you, Golem Juuki or also known in the west as Liztwin.

Originally known as Gluttonous Psyma Beast Juuki, he is a demon brought back to life by Spell-Master Pierre on orders from Beast Baron Cobolda.
Juuki is a dinosaur-shaped skeletal demon with dragon features; he represents the sin of gluttony. Like his sin, Juuki has an insatiable appetite and devours anything in front of him, which may be an inorganic object or any living being. Juuki's gluttony not only represents his appetite for devouring anything, but also his relentless urge for destruction and death!

Juuki is an incredibly powerful demon that almost destroyed an entire city and the GoGoV. And to my delight, Juuki has been resurrected again now in the form of Golem Juuki.
Golem Juuki is his evolved form and also giant! He became 100,000 stronger and more powerful and much darker.
In Golem Juuki his skills include:
1. Super Gigantic Strength;
2. Super Gigantic Durability: It has high resistance and defense against all kinds of attacks;
3. Flame Breath: Spits fire through the mouth;
4. Clawed Right Hand: With his right hand that has sharp combat claws, striking any opponent drains his life energy to death.

There is still a lot to improve on this drawing, but as it was my first attempt to draw it, I am happy with the result. I plan to draw it again and again as soon as I get more artistic skills.

More info about Golem Juuki or Liztwin below:
"Violent Food Psyma Beast Juuki (暴食サイマ獣ジュウキ) is a skeletal dinosaur/dragon Psyma Beast under Beast Baron Cobolda.
In its original form, it possesses a second dragon-like head on its right hand which can bite into any object creating massive structural damage instantly and causing fracture and destruction within.
After becoming Golem Juuki, this hand is replaced with a hand with huge knives that act as claws.".

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