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格闘技サイマ獣スパルタン by BaronFangerus



Finally, here is my all time favorite Super Sentai monster/demon! Feel free to meet the GIANT, MUSCULAR, POWERFUL and BRUTE Spartan or also known in the west as Cyclopter. I really want to make a bara art of him if possible.

Spartan is a demon that was brought back to life by Spell-Master Pierre under orders from Beast Baron Cobolda. Spartan, as its name suggests, was created based on the monster of Greek mythology, the Cyclops.
Spartan, as his appearance states, has a wrestler-like personality; He is totally fascinated by hand-to-hand fights with strong opponents, and loves to crush them with the power of his giant and raw muscles, he is also extremely arrogant and believes himself to be invincible!

Spartan When brought to life by Spell-Master Pierre, Spartan not only aims to destroy the city and the GogoV, but also to restore the pride of the Psyma Beast army. To complete this task, he challenges his opponents to fully melee non-weapon fights.
Spartan's main attributes are his gigantic brute force and the relentless defense of his muscles. He defeats any opponent with just one blow, and if necessary, he can use a variety of martial art styles he knows to destroy his opponents.
His skills includes:
1. Super Physical Strength: Cyclopter makes up for his lack of projectile attacks by having tremendous physical strength that is stronger than previous monsters, being able to cause the earth to shake with a single punch at the dojo, take out all five Rangers with ease, pulling a ton of rocks, destroy a boulder with little to no effort and being able to lift up cars while being able to throw them at towers with ease.
2. Hand-To-Hand Combat: In addition to his tremendous raw strength, Cyclopter is also a skilled fighter, being able to take on all five Rangers in battle.
3. Extraordinary Leaper: Cyclopter can leap at an incredible distance.

I would love to have been able to draw Spartan's full body, but since I was unsuccessful in drawing him completely, I just drew his face.
I really want to draw him extremely muscular and giant destroying and crushing everyone in his path.

More info about Spartan or Cyclopter below:
"Fighting Psyma Beast Spartan (格闘技サイマ獣スパルタン) is a cyclops Psyma Beast under Beast Baron Cobolda.
As one of the most physically powerful Psyma Beast, his ultimate weapon is his unstoppable body, with muscles that can withstand any and all physical attack making Five Lasers rather annoying even if they can't even hurt him. His main skill is in various forms of fighting, which he uses to crush all opponents. However if there is a move or ability he doesn't know (such as the Bandai-style Tornado Drop), he is willing to train under one who defeats him to learn it to continuously make himself stronger and more skilled.".

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