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Balina receives some much-needed support by Balina

Balina receives some much-needed support


(Excerpted from "Coping With Cream: Ridiculactation And You", a pamphlet distributed free of charge to local clinics by the Institute)

As overwhelming as these changes may feel, it is important to keep in mind that help is available. Simply call 1-888-225-4627 to speak with a volunteer or visit our website at mttp:// to browse free information on a wide range of topics, including potential changes to your diet, how to fit mid-morning milkings into your routine, exercises for the top-heavy (or bottom-heavy) individual, charities that accept milk, and many more.

Most importantly, the Institute maintains a listing of clothiers suited to address your new, unique needs. All have been carefully vetted to ensure they meet the standards of discretion, courtesy, and professionalism for which the Institute is known.

AmberAria does it again! This was just a silly idea based on a snippet of conversation during a previous piece that I wanted to have Amber do some time after she finished up that huge-ass commission a month ago. Amber herself has a cow character by the name of Meryl, who has the same sort of crazy lactation issues that seem to plague so many cows in the fandom. She's also a seamstress, which makes her especially well-suited to help a Balina deal with a meme I keep trying to force on the world.

She's also the sort who would not miss a perfect opportunity to show off, tease, and demonstrate the incredible strength of her handiwork all at the same time. Makes me wish someone had more art of her available~

Moof-wrangler: AmberAria AmberAria (original)

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