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Stephanie spreads the love (5/7) by Balina

Stephanie spreads the love (5/7)


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Charlotte has a tendency to get wrapped up in her work. As the only person on campus (and one of only a few hundred people in the world) that truly understands how the technology of the cross-reality labs work, she spends much of her time maintaining and tinkering with the equipment that enables most of the nonsense that gets posted about here.

She has a reputation as a bit of a shut-in, which she has little motivation to challenge. It's work that she loves, and Balina is more than happy to keep the centerpiece of the campus well-funded and equipped with whatever it might need. There's a whole world outside the lab, true, but there are infinitely more waiting deeper inside.

Ashley, Balina, and Charlotte have known one another for decades. The three of them were close friends before joining Placedale Community College (its name before Balina took on the position of headmaster and remade the campus into BTI), and while Ashley and Charlotte have remained extremely close, the necessities of professionalism keep a carefully-measured distance between Charlotte and the head moof.

Very little of this background information is terribly important right now, though it might make it a little easier to understand why Ashley might have arranged the meeting between Dahlia and Stephanie, and why she further requested that the still-contagious Stephanized dingbok go push some poor cougar's buttons.

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