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Stephanie spreads the love (4/7) by Balina

Stephanie spreads the love (4/7)


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Ashley's appetites have gotten her banned from every buffet within fifty miles of Placedale. There are no such bans on Stephanie, especially not some kind of mouse-demon-goat, but it remains to be seen how many places are going to let a woman already bumping into doorframes past their own.

Balina, unfortunately, is a lot less cavalier about property damage and randomized macro chaos when it's not just her home reality, but her home turf. She's the one that's going to have to clean up the mess, and while she knows Dahlia has the sense not to hurt anyone or break anything that can't be fixed in an afternoon, there are still hundreds of students on campus, most of which are going to have cameras in their pockets, and the woman who usually helps her keep PR under control is about to take the rest of the day off for lunch.

Don't worry, Balina spends the rest of the comic hiding out in her office, trying, without much success, to insist that she's perfectly happy staying inside today; that the creaks and groans of her outfit and the floor beneath her as she slowly takes up a little more space aren't themselves a turn-on, and certainly aren't feeding back into making the problem worse. She absolutely isn't daydreaming about how wonderful it would feel to break out of here and take a stroll through her little academic kingdom. Certainly not.

Art: Goattrain Goattrain (original)

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