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Balina changes with the times by Balina

Balina changes with the times


The kingdom seemed to sprout up overnight. Its ruler made no proclamations, she sent no messengers, she made no demands on nearby territories that were suddenly extremely surprised to realize they had neighbors. Were it not for the trade caravans that started coming and going from it, the entire region might have gone unnoticed.

That is, until rumors started to spread, and people started to go missing. Kingdoms don't show up without a good reason, and word on the streets was that this new upstart was in command of riches beyond measure, and was more than happy to share. Those with more greed than common sense were packing up their lives and making the trip, but none of them were coming back.

Those that returned spoke of a small land of preposterous wealth, where even the most meager accommodations seemed conspicuously lavish. They spoke of beautiful towns and immaculate streets. They spoke of rolling green hills and farms where the crops grew beyond their farmers' wildest dreams. They spoke of an eager, industrious populace, excited to see new visitors, delighted to share what they had.

They spoke of a woman who shone like the sun, so covered in finery that it became impossible to tell where her jewelery ended and her fur began. Her eyes shone, and her raiment caught the light in odd but alluring ways. She gently but firmly refused to answer the messengers' inquiries as to where she had come from, instead asking many questions of her own about those that sent these messengers to her. She apologized profusely for not reaching out herself, but had been worried about making the wrong impression. Besides, she was always so busy with all of these new arrivals. Guests were treated with the same lavish care as a visiting royal, and were sent back with gifts for their kingdom and a quiet invitation for any that wished to stay. There was always more to do, after all and she had so much to offer. Willing hands were the only thing in short supply.

Several messengers appeared to have taken up the offer.

I've always said that a moof's design is never really done until I get AmberAria's hands on it, but the opportunity never seemed to come up. As always, she did an incredible job taking my ideas and turning them into something truly special. I still unabashedly love the grand treasure noodle design, but if I want to get her drawn more than once every three years, she needs to rein herself in and become something else. And it just so happens that if she does that, it gets easier for her to expand her collection beyond the usual gold and swag.

Moof-wrangler: AmberAria AmberAria (original)

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