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16 November 2019 at 17:56:48 MST

Most discussions about the recreational use of cross-reality labs, such as the ones BTI employs, focus on the wild, fantastical possibilities. Worlds where visitors from our reality will find themselves temporary turned into something else, or where rules seem to work in an enjoyable fashion are hard to ignore, especially when they wear off and let one go back to a normal life afterwards. Still, there is a place for the more down-to-earth destinations, of enjoying simple pleasures that might not be available at home.

Such as being able to escape the terrible Placedale winter, throw on your late spring wardrobe, and spend an afternoon enjoying the ambient sights and sounds of a city you've never been to, in a world whose name you can't recall. Such "tourist-safe" realities are typically tagged due to being just close enough to our own that most people could stroll right in, without raising inordinate attention due to our own reality's standards of public behavior, fashion, language, or other obvious factors. BTI staff will usually arrange outings like this as a group, simplifying coordination and reducing the relative amount of personnel that need to stay behind to monitor the excursion.

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