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Balina has a late night by Balina

Balina has a late night


There are many reasons why Balina works such late hours. Obviously, being the headmaster of a public university means she has a long list of duties to see to, but the strange case of BTI means that it's often long past normal business hours before she can finally leave her office and go home. The synthetics on campus can't operate without her, after all, and they need time to finish duties, perform routine maintenance checks, and secure themselves before they can be powered down for the night. The sun usually sets before everything is done, sometimes by a matter of hours.

The stresses of running most of the campus through her office tend to leave Balina with her senses feeling severely out of balance. Usually she's feeling back to whatever passes for normalcy by the time she gets home, but some nights she needs to take extra steps. Her favorite faux-Chinese place for some strong, simple, familiar flavors. Something mindless to watch, ideally something she can watch with the sound off. Shows about how stuff gets made is a favorite. Turn down the lights, pop out the cybernetics, and just take a couple of hours to recenter.

This was done a little over a year ago, and she's eating comfort food I can't get any more. My desire for Mark Pi's chicken becomes overpowering while I sit here watching her munching on it.

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