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Balina mugs for the camera by Balina

Balina mugs for the camera


These were part of a not-particularly-secret plan I was trying earlier this year. The idea was that I was going to commission this set of expressions both for the sake of having a set of handy moof expressions from Amber, and then I wanted to try an experiment on them. I forget what exactly put it in my head, but I'd been wanting to try horns on her; they'd worked on some other moof designs, and I felt like they might work on her.

As became immediately obvious, they were perfect. Ideal, even. So fantastic that now when I look at versions of her without them, I get the nagging feeling that something's missing. I think I commissioned more art of her this year than anything else specifically because I just wanted to see more pictures of her like this. I had to immediately commission Amber to then go back and retrofit her 2017 ref sheet, then she used a little spare time I'd commissioned to polish these even further and separate them out into stickers that I could use elsewhere. For those with exceedingly good taste, the sticker pack is available here!

Bonus: Testing other horn types

Moof-wrangler: AmberAria AmberAria (original)

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