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Balina drops a hint by Balina

Balina drops a hint


In the early days of Balinology, it was hoped that finding multiple copies of a single person could have far-reaching effects by having an effectively infinite supply if nearly-identical individuals with a disposition that would incline them towards helping BTI advance its own goals. In practice, worlds that are close enough to our home reality to be useful for this are infeasible to reach via current technology, and previous attempts to bring a sufficient number of Balinas into the same general vicinity has tended to eventually cause an unfavorable situation, either through the inevitable personality clashes and/or the similarly inevitable massive property damage in the event of a too-hasty trip from their home reality.

Still, once in a while it lets you look like an absolute wizard.

Not far from the BTI campus, nestled in a side street, sits an unassuming coffee house, run by a familiar-looking dragon. Obviously, it's not the same woman. It can't be. No matter how many copies of her may exist in that reality, the Korps has shown no signs of cross-reality technology of their own. Still, the two worlds were suspiciously close up until a couple of decades ago, so one could reasonably assume that some version of Karen would be here.

Despite Ashley's repeated endorsements, the head moof has never really been able to bring herself to visit in person. Still, even without meeting face to face, the course of her studies has taught her more about Karen than might be proper. And she's been brought enough cups to know firsthand that it's worth the extra walk.

Hopefully Karen will forgive someone being forward enough to drop off a birthday present, even if she's absolutely positive she didn't tell anyone it was coming up.

You'd never guess it by looking at the date on it, but this was a picture that I was in a blind panic to have drawn and delivered for :linkKraken:'s birthday earlier this year. :linkGoattrain: was an absolute saint in getting this done in a hurry, and I was exceedingly thrilled that it was received in the spirit it was intended.

Now I just gotta remember to get started a little sooner next time. x3

Art: Goattrain Goattrain

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