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Balina picks up where she left off by Balina

Balina picks up where she left off


For all her posturing and silliness, it is important to remember that when she is on the job, Balina Mahigan is a peerless administrator. BTI was, prior to her taking the position as headmaster, simply a run-of-the-mill community college; under her many hands it was capable of streamlining and expanding far beyond its previous bounds into a research campus that scarcely resembles the Placedale Community College that it was a decade prior. While much of it might be attributable to luck, the relatively early investment in cross-reality studies has yielded greater results than could have been anticipated, and the head moof's unusually close relationship with Ignis Dextremeties and their enthusiastic deployment of as many robots as they're willing to spare has made the campus grounds look like something out of a science fiction movie.

All of this somehow manages to rest on the shoulders of the head moof herself. BTI's staff would be considered skeletal for an organization a fraction of its size, and outside of professors and researchers, has next to no administrative staff. While many menial tasks (and some surprisingly complicated ones) are performed by some of Ignis' more sophisticated creations, in one form or another nearly everything on the campus goes through Ms Mahigan's office, and how exactly she manages to find enough hours of the day to oversee all of it is nothing short or miraculous.

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