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Balina Mahigan comes with everything you see here by Balina

Balina Mahigan comes with everything you see here


Balina Gail Mahigan is the headmaster (or 'Head Moof') of the Balinological Technical Institute. Formerly Placedale Community College, it has grown under her care into a full-fledged research campus, centered primarily around the developing field of parallel realities. BTI houses some of the largest facilities in the nation capable of remote observation and transportation between realities, and is often on the forefront of new developments.

As lucrative as this has proven so far, BTI's focus on the subject is due entirely to Ms Mahigan's particular interests. It is her belief that she is a universal constant, that every reality contains precisely one Balina, even (and perhaps especially) when there is no reasonable reason to believe she should be there. The specifics may differ, but they are always unmistakably the same person born into a different life. The only thing more insane than this premise is that, thus far, it has shown itself to be correct. Dozens of Balinas have been discovered, and the field of Balinology has, against all odds, gained some proponents outside of the college itself. Never one to pass up a chance at self-promotion, the head moof has ensured the campus has an inordinately well-stocked gift shop, selling everything from t-shirts and postcards to models, plush toys, curated footage taken from other realities, confectionery, self-help books, and beyond.

Beyond Balinology, BTI is perhaps best-known for its very public partnership with Ignis Dextremeties, a leading manufacturer of robotic prosthetics, telepresence, and assembly-line equipment. Ignis robots are a common sight on campus, and the head moof herself can usually be seen wearing a quartet of iconic IDX-series prosthetics. In exchange for equipment, BTI serves as a real-world testing ground, and the headmaster often acts as a spokesmodel for the company, beyond the fact that she's practically a walking billboard as it is.

Assorted moof trivia and design notes:

  • The feral left hand is a birth defect; hybrid genetics in her universe are a little weird. It was, however, the original impetus for her cybernetics.
  • She was born left-handed, but by necessity has become functionally omnidextrous. Still favors the left, if only out of a sense of revenge.
  • Until fairly recently, her horns were kept ground down to under the hairline, a habit she developed in her teenage years. Recent developments (and some nontrivial envy on her own part) have caused her to let them grow out again.
  • While it is fitted, the overcoat is not modified for the extra arms; it cannot be comfortably worn unless all four arm sockets are empty.
  • The two bracelets on her wrists are almost always worn, regardless of outfit; nearly as old as she is, they were part of a system to help her cope with having a paw.
    • Arms she particularly likes tend to have replica bracelets attached, either buckled or sewn on. They make the arms feel more like parts of her body.
  • The arm sockets, while not standard-issue, are based off of the Ignis ColdShoulder standard. She frequently swaps them out with other sets, either for specific purposes or because the latest shipment from the labs looks cool.
  • Hidden magnets in the shoulders of both the overcoat and jacket help keep it from falling off.
  • Her smartphone is typically kept in an inner pocket of the overcoat, attached via a modified USB-C cable to one of the ports on her back, both to keep it charged and to run her mobile AR workstation.
    • One of the robo-tentacles is often left plugged into the other port, since it can be hard for her to grab back there otherwise.

It served well for the last couple of years, but the prior ref sheet was starting to show its age, and updating it to the head moof's new outfit would have meant redrawing almost everything, anyways. AmberAria was somehow able to find the time in her busy schedule to venture back into moofish manufacture and minutiae, updating and refining a busy sheet into this wonderous piece of work. Everything has been given the benefit of a couple of years of experience, and I daresay the head moof has never looked better.

Extra special thanks go out to Ciraeon for their excellent help and patience in perfecting the hoofpaws. The hooves have bulked up and spread out a bit; looks like they weren't quite done developing after the initial incident that split her hooves into toes.

Bonus 1: Assembly instructions
Bonus 2: Figure reference

Edit: 7/31/2018: Updated to reflect her recent decision to stop grinding off her horns.

Moof-wrangler: AmberAria AmberAria (original)

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