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Balina goes bump in the fight by Balina

Balina goes bump in the fight


As hard as Balina Rodovoy works on her own costumes, it's easy to forget that Balina Mahigan enjoys getting into the spirit every now and then, herself. Different body types mean different costume options, and sometimes mean getting creative. Cyborg characters are a surefire way to get the head moof's attention, and ludicrous overkill in terms of firepower is the fastest way to her heart. After all, there's nothing a bullet can do that eight sticks of dynamite cannot do better.

She also might have finally found a more dangerous-looking costume than that blue mage getup Ms Rodovoy did a few years back.

Wild Guns was one of my favorite and least explicable games back in the 16-bit era, and finding out that Wild Guns Reloaded got a steam release was an absolute delight. It is an absolutely flawless remaster of the game, and I spent no small amount of time and effort gushing about it when it first came out. I am still, as I was then, completely rubbish at actually playing it, but I was so hype for this that I traded a spare copy of the game for this picture without a second thought.

Art: Aulse Aulse (original)

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