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Balina perpetually awakens the continuing struggle by Balina

Balina perpetually awakens the continuing struggle


The Credulic Reactor sits where the subject's heart used to beat, piggybacking on the ciculatory system to push plotonite throughout the body. When provided with enough fuel to engage overdrive, the effects are immediate and drastic; every part of the body can be augmented, though some tissues absorb plotonite's effects more readily than others. If fuel is not administered carefully, the skeleton may lag behind other body parts, leading to an uneven growth pattern. This is occasionally beneficial, as some bodily configurations can prove advantageous in specific circumstances, though it is usually seen as a waste of precious resources.

Having lived with the reactor for as long as she has, Balina Amarini has gained a better intuitive understanding of its own workings than anyone else born on this planet. Using the plotonite reserves her body naturally accumulates, she is capable of inducing a very short, very minor form of overdrive. Such a state can only be maintained for a few minutes, and 'merely' leaves her in the general realm of twenty feet tall, though her strength still becomes sufficient to tear through most terrestrial substances as easily as sponge cake. She is typically discouraged from engaging in this behavior for the purposes of 'assisting' local law enforcement or for the sake of showing off, though such castigation usually comes from a safe distance, and after she has returned to her 'normal' size.

Art: Anthony Anthony (original)

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