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Balina is a bit of a stretch by Balina

Balina is a bit of a stretch


From: "Charlotte" <>
To: "Head Moof" <>
Subject: Ongoing observation

Now that we've positively identified our moof, observation has been considerably more straightforward. Knowing who to look for has been helpful, obviously, though it should be noted that after that incident at the farm, she has dropped most of her reclusive tendencies and begun operating in the open. Quite happy to throw her weight around in public, she's made enough noise lately that even if we hadn't broadened our net, we would have started getting footage as early as this morning.

Regardless, we are now drowning in direct observational data; we now see why so many stories about her were so conflicted, and why nobody could agree on much more than the basics. She seems to collect and/or make up names and titles as she goes; many of which appear to be directly related to stories people had been telling of her. I have personally counted over forty different names so far, most of which are rarely repeated. There's just enough internal consistency to leave this open, however: the Dwarves know her as "Zuri Nainan", and the Elves know her as "Lotarie Indil", for example, and she's used those eight or nine times apiece, without inventing further names in those languages. We don't really have the context to know if any of these are true, naturally, though I wonder if she's got a book where she writes all of these down. Likewise, she throws titles around randomly in the middle of introductions, claiming to be anything from "the savior of Hellione" to "conqueror of the Iron Dominion of Sharagzinb" to "champion of the Mystical Empire of Egiondon" to "the doom of the Kingdom of Galerond".

Incidentally, someone did have the guts to point out that they had been born and raised in Galerond, and certainly hadn't heard of any great disaster happening there in recent memory. Based on our subject's reaction, I don't think she knew that particular kingdom actually existed, which leads me to believe she'd at least made up that particular title on the spot. I'd recommend that we find out where Galerond is pretty soon; she had that look you get when someone tells you not to do something. Y'know, like that time you got those really big prototype arms in.

Moof-wrangler: AmberAria AmberAria (original)

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