Himalaya Sunset by Balaa

Himalaya Sunset


13 November 2012 at 12:30:13 MST

Another piece that started out as a speedpaint but I ended up devoting a bit more time to polishing. For any wondering, all the work for the speedpaints is done in photoshop. I do not lay out a rough sketch before starting to paint, I just paint and let the ideas flow in their own direction. I never knew how liberating a feeling that could be as I always planned my paintings before, well, painting them. But this way I start with a single color and just go paint slap happy until I start reading something in the paint strokes.

The wonderfully talented :iconfoxamoore: has written an breathtaking musical composition inspired by this piece. Please take a moment and check it out along with the rest of his work: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1974670

tools: PS cs2, wacom Bamboo

Size: 1300x2000 at 200dpi

time: 3-4 hours

Prints: same as with my other speedpaints, if requested C:


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    Gah that warm lighting on such a crisp cold image...this is very calming and beautiful.

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    That's very pretty. I didn't even notice the warm tones until I read the comment above but I can now see how it affected my view of it. This would make a great print, how much do you usually charge for those?

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      Hi there, at the moment I charge 10$ for an 8x12 lustre print <:. Thank you for the lovely comment!

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    One of my favorites still :)