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Divine Cradle by Balaa

Divine Cradle


Sheltered in a Divine Cradle,

Lost in an Endless Ocean.

Born from a Dream of Light,

Abandoned in a World of Darkness.

Touched by the Purity of a Blossom,

Engulfed in the Golden Essence of Life,

A God is born.

A fragile Spawn,

The Power to Create.

A Dreamer in a Dream,

Waiting for the Awakening.


Drifting into the realm of being, the Egyptian God Duamutef, son of Horus, is born into life within the cradle of a Lotus.

A long overdue collaborative commission between myself and Bagheera for the excellent and supremely patient Duamutef.

I rarely take commissions these days as my everyday work has me fairly backlogged and I still owe a few older pieces(eep), but sometimes a piece comes along that just begs you to answer the call. So was the case with this one. Even from conception, after hearing the idea, I immediately felt the ache to color the vision. Bagheera provided the beautiful sketch upon which we could realize this vision fully. I sometimes struggle with the sketch stage and just want to paint, so thankfully I was spared that and could just release myself into the embrace of color and light. Thank you Duamutef for the chance to paint this, it's not my usual style but I loved every minute of this painting. It took me where it wanted me to go instead of me guiding it..and that is a feeling I relish.

This is one piece I could tinker on forever and it finally took being shaken and verbally scolded(many times) into calling it done ;P.

Size: 6000x3750pixels at 300dpi

Tools: Photoshop & Wacom Intuos 3

Time Taken: errrr?

Close Up:

Recommended Listening: The Fountain Soundtrack


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    Could you send me this one for my collection? <3 Still the most amazing piece of art that was ever made for me.

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    This here is one of my ultimate favorite pictures.