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Precipice by Balaa



Circa 2011

" "Though rare, some werewolves have resorted to living in high altitudes to avoid human encroachment. These Werewolves, often several generations old, have become well adept to the freezing and dangerous living conditions experienced on rocky mountain terrains. Adept climbers, these werewolves can easily bound after mountain goats and other mountain dwelling prey, with the ease of agility that does not often come naturally to species of canids. Using their strong upper body arms and opposable thumbs, werewolves pose as great a threat to large mountain ungulates as the keenly graceful snow leopards of the Himalayas. Expanded lung capacity needed to process and ingest the low levels of oxygen at high altitudes make mountain dwelling werewolves formidably strong. This combined with the incredibly athletic build as a result of the constant physical exertion of balancing and leaping from rocky face to rocky face make this werewolf among the strongest of his ilk. Thick coats insulate these graceful hunters from the sapping cold and attack of fellow predators. "

My contribution to the

The Calendar is currently available for pre-order until November 18th after which time a limited supply will be available for direct purchase. So if you would like one, it is always best to pre-order your copy now! You may order it here:

Thank you to all that have bought a copy, this year and in previous years. This is now the 5th anniversary of the calendar and we are eager to see it into it's 10th! Thank you all for making it what it is and bringing into it your enthusiasm and sharing your love of the werewolf with us. You make this calendar what it is and what it will become!

Personal Note:

Recently I have been fascinated with the Tibetan culture and history. A great deal of beauty and pain is evident in the people and though their struggle persists there is a resilient hopefulness in them. The use of vibrant colors in their artistic heritage seems almost at odds with the reality of their world. With this piece I wanted to depict my werewolves living high in the Himalayas in the plunging cold and upon the precipice. The lighting was struck upon accidentally but it seemed to click. I hope you folks enjoy.

Lastly, It has been sometime since my last upload, and that seems to be what I say every time I upload these days! Thank you again to all you patient folks and all the lovely comments asking when I would update again. Truth be told I have a lot of things in the works behind the scenes but my day job and a recent trip has eaten into my time quite a fair amount as tends to happen and it has just kept me from being active online. I hope I will find a balance again soon as I used to get so much from sharing my work and it was a great motivator in and of itself! Thank you all C:"

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    This has been my wallpaper for the longest time. That lighting is wonderful.

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    This is absolutely stunning! The details of the fur is done so perfectly you can hear the whistling wind and imagine the bitterness of the cold mountain air. The lighting of the sun is so beautifully captured and makes a nice focusing point,i can imagine the warmth. This piece just really feels alive to me.