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An Epic Chloroform Encounter by Bahn

An Epic Chloroform Encounter


The band of adventurers braved harsh cold weather and over came many obstacles to reach their destination. Off in the distance, the ruins of a laboratory could be seen. Their goal was in reach!
There was a collective sigh of relief. Until a roar was heard. It's spine chilling echo bounced off the various ice cliffs. Its source could not be pinpointed. Then a large shadow appeared on the ground where the heroes stood guard. Like a meteor falling from the heavens, the shadow landed with an impact that sent snow and the group flying everywhere in a mass shock wave.
There was only a brief moment to recover and observe what had knocked them back. Knelt within the centre of the frozen crevice, a dragon could be seen. But not like any kind of anthropomorphic dragon that the heroes could have been familiar with.
He was obviously a black western dragon. But his details and markings were all corrupted. A green mohawk mane went down to the back of his neck. From that point, green blades emitted from his spine all the way down to the end of his tail. The dragon rose from his position. His muscle mass becoming obvious as he snapped open his dark wings to clear away the last of the swirling snow around him. His eyes scanned his prey as a fanged grin appeared upon his muzzle.
"Who are you?!" Demanded the group's leader.
The dragon gave a deep rumble that could only be considered as a chuckle.
"My Mistress has given me the name of Chloroform Hazardragon," he rumbled proudly. "By her command, I will bring fresh volunteers for her to turn into more Hazards!" He narrowed his glowing white eyes towards the one who questioned him. "Starting with you ..."
Before the leader could think of a reply, the corrupt hazardragon flexed his claws and made a leaping pounce towards him! The rest of the party members managed to pick themselves up by this time and joined in to help their leader.
And so, the encounter begins.

Side Note: The other characters will be identified when the information is provided to me ... Whenever that might be =)

Art By: kaputotter
Hazardragon inspiration By: crimes
Chloroform Hazardragon © Me! bahn

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