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Ash (Brites!) by BadlyDrawn

Ash (Brites!)


This is a crosspost from my DeviantART!

∆ owner: applecinna

Ash is a common Soft Light. Soft Lights are the most average yet variable of any breed, with the greatest variety of Types. Soft Lights are recognized as the most sociable of all Brites, forming large inclusive family circles and happily making many friends with any other breeds.

While all Brites are completely resistant to heat and cold, it is not often they purposely seek the intense extremes. Ash on the other hand is happiest in very high temperatures, and will seek to eat, bathe and sleep in searing hot places. Their fangs themselves emit quite a bit of heat, the colors within appearing to visibly ‘boil’. Touching their fangs will not cause instant burns, but could be more comparable to running your hand under hot water.

long wispy head fluff (uncommon)

‘full capelet’ shoulder fluff (rare)

flared tail fluff (common) heavy, flowing tail (uncommon)

curved saber fangs (rare) single color & ‘boiling’ Fang Glow (uncommon)

mahogany obsidian bead necklace & bracelets

fur variant; Smoking Volcano

Brites are a CLOSED SPECIES belonging to me!

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    Oh thats gorgeous, I adore both the art and design, also they go really well together. Not to mention I'm a sucker for great color schemes <3 very nice. They seem like a very interesting species.

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      ah wow thank you so much, what a nice compliment ;;;