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Hello there,

My name is Lady and you'll find me on the following other sites:

though if you look up my username on a site and you find it, chances are good that its me.

If you're looking for adult art you wont find any here from me. If you want to see that, you'll have to go to my fa account. Its the only place I upload that stuff.

I'm a 24 year old artist and as the user name implies I am quite female, both in body and mind. I'm currently a student Interactive Media Design. But I used to study Game Design at IGAD.

My commissions are open unless stated otherwise.
I don't do requests unless stated otherwise.
I am usualy up for an art trade no matter another persons skill level.

Latest Journal

Goals for this year

So I have a few financial goals for this year. I'd figured I'd list them here because 1. its easier for me to keep track of and 2. people will know where their commission money will go towards. So here's the list;

Monthlies August:

Health insurance: 0/110 euro
Cellphone bill: 0/30 euro

High Priority:

College fee 2015/2016: 700/2000 euro - due September 25th 2015
Drivers licence: 0/2500 euro - due June 2016 at the latest

Normal Priority:

Trip to America , Summer 2016: 0/1600 euro - due June 2016 at the latest
College fee 2016/2017: 0/2000 euro - due September 25th 2016

Low Priority:

EFF Haarzuilens 2016: 0/200 euro - due April 2016

Also working on patreon page. I've been working on a special project I'll be ready to share soonish and patrons can either get a discount on it or get it for free depending on how much they donate per month. So yeah thats about all, Lady out.

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    Thank you very much for the follow!

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      no problem at all! your art is absolutely gorgeous ^^

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    bedankt voor de follow!

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      holy shit XD ik wist niet eens dat je nederlands was

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        mijn man komt uit België, en ik ben leren nederlands. een beetje slecht nog.

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          Ah ^^ goed genoeg hoor, je bent goed te verstaan ^^