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    Smooch! :3

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    Allow me to compliment your exquisite and overtly finespun artistry. Your works are outstanding and purely magnificent.

    I am looking forward to see more of you around here.

    What inspires you most in art, if I may ask? And furthermore, if you would permit me my curiosity, what attracts you most to anthropomorphism and the furry fandom?

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      That is flattering beyond words; I really appreciate your kindness.

      I'm mostly inspired by ordinary life, I think the mundane is sort of beautiful and important, and I want to portray that a bit in my art. The furry fandom on the other hand, I really can't say what attracted me to it, but it's something I found myself interested in and have more recently begun creating my own art (about a year ago I believe was when I first started drawing furry art). It's hard to place, but it's honestly all over the place.

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        I definitely noticed a combination between anthropomorphism and slice-of-life elements as well as the mundane in your works and I have to say, you present a very appealing concept by doing so.

        I think it would be curious, at the very least, to see how different anthropomorphic species would live their lives and how they would behave in different mundane situations; such as a stag trying to figure how to dress itself without his antlers ruining his new shirt, and thousands other scenarios.

        Therefore, I like what you present here, as well as all your other arts; and I'll most certainly keep an eye on your works. I am looking forward to see what you bring up in the future.

        What other hobbies would you happen to have, if I may ask?

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          Ha! I actually like that direction. I try to focus on portraits and situations that build relationships, but I haven't actually thought of it in that sense.
          And thank you again, I hope I can continue to impress!
          These days I mostly pass time playing video games, singing, or reading a little. I write on occasion, but that's far too unpolished to be posting anywhere.

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            Situations that build relationships, you say? Such as the one portrayed in your "Refills Please", am I correct?
            That was a splendid piece, by the way. Your work over the details, scenery and characters was meticulous and I enjoy how well you conveyed their expressions as they felt radiating with carouse, the one on the left at least.

            So, you claim to be reading and writing? How magnificent. I am a writer myself as well (and a reader too). Mayhaps we could talk about this subjects in detail, if you would like.

            What subjects and themes do you pursue in your writing, if I may ask? Shall I assume you opt for almost the same things as in your visual artworks? Also, what books or authors do you favour?

            Also, what video games do you play?

            I dare say, it was a delightful experience stumbling upon you. I am glad to have made your acquaintance.

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              Correct, and I'm flattered by your kind words. I must admit though that the file uploaded isn't quite an accurate reflection of the product itself as I was forced to photograph it and send it to a friend to edit it together in a more cohesive manner. It's more-or-less one-to-one, but there are some differences in the lighting that make parts of it seem darker than intended.

              And I'd be glad to discuss such with you; I need to find the time to read your work as soon as humanly possible. To answer your subsequent question, I do consider very similar themes as well although it requires quite a bit more polish before I'm ready to post them here. As far as authors are concerned, I've most recently acquired a taste for David Mitchell and Haruki Murakami and have read "The Bone Clocks" and "Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki" respectively. Aside from that I also read Alan Moore's "Watchmen".

              As far as video games are concerned I don't really have any sense of focus, but anything with decent design and a passable story can get me interested (Metal Gear's story and writing are a little rough, but as games they play magnificently), but my favorites are a better blend of both like Persona 4 and the Mass Effect Trilogy. There are others that I enjoy, but I cannot be damned to remember them it seems.

              I must say it was delightful to make your acquaintance as well.

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                Well, I must say, the darker tone paints the kind of dim atmospheres you find in smoke-clogged pubs. So I would not say it is devoid of victory.

                Oh, and should you happen to read my works, know that I look eager to hear your opinions and feedback.
                I have to admit though, Far-Eastern literature is something I never touched, so you will have to tell me more about Haruki Murakami and his work(s). What is it that you like most about this author and his literature?

                I am more a fan of European literature myself, part of it because it dwells in themes and subjects I can actively connect with such as European Folklore, History, World Wars, lifestyle and strives.
                The same goes with my writing, I adopt European settings because those are the ones I can understand and empathize with most, unless we are talking about Fantasy and Science-Fiction, then I go all bombastic with creativity.

                "Watchmen", that is the comic book, right? With Rorschach, am I correct?
                I watched the movie adaptation and I was pleasantly intrigued by how it conveyed this whole super-hero thing in such a dark and somber spectrum. They turned them from men of steel and social idols into urban oddities man fears and misunderstands, or so I felt.

                Oh, nice to see someone else who likes Mass Effect, I dare say. May I assume you to be a fan of RPGs?