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Hacking the Magic Matrix by asterionblazing

Hacking the Magic Matrix


31 March 2014 at 09:56:22 MDT

Wooooooah, this ended up being really different from the stuff I usually do, but in a great way! Rtrave entrusted me with his character, Sang-Ho Pak, with the request to show him dispelling a magic ward. At first I was going to do something J-RPG-ish, but then I thought, 'hey, he sort of looks like he'd be in law enforcement...' That said, I ended up making up this whole narrative in my head about him having a degree in computer sciences, and was able to apply the skills he learned to magic, enabling him to be sort of a magical 'hacker' and break down magic barriers and the like. Forgive me, my thoughts are ridiculous and so am I.

Sang-Ho Pak belongs to Rtrave @ FA, image by yours truly.

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    Love the perspective here!

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    Your thoughts are ridiculous enough to be amazing! This looks awesome

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    hack the planet
    (this looks really good)

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    This would be right at home with Jonas's 20XX series.

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    Ridiculous? Nooo, but it is ridiculously awesome!

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    I've had this sitting in my notifications folder ever since you posted it so I would have a quick way of looking at it. I'm really a fan of the perspective here, and the cool colors.