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Avila Headshot by AshestoAshcraft (critique requested)

Avila Headshot (critique requested)


4 March 2020 at 17:42:11 MST

CANVAS: White Strathmore Sketch Recycled Sketch Paper in my 5.5 in x 8.5 in sketchbook.
MATERIALS: Mechanical Pencil

Drew a headshot of my character Avila in the wee hours of the morning yesterday~ I'm trying to draw all of my OCs slowly over time so I can build up their records a little more efficiently and with less old af art lolz

Fun fact: she started off as nothing more than this FR dragon right here. Now she's a bonafied Magical Gurl and everything! Well, if you ask her best friend anyway; her sister would say she's a witch. Either way, she's got magic. She's also Japanese-American, but I don't know if that reads well, and I'm struggling to not lose that whilst still giving her as much make-up as it takes to preserve a doll-like look. It's a struggle >.< Feel free to offer some constructive criticism so I can improve! It'd be much appreciated!

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