General Arly Chere (Color ver.) by Arlyurl

General Arly Chere (Color ver.)


20 February 2014 at 02:28:11 MST

So I wanted to repost the Final Fantasy cosplay series, but I wanted to color the Tifa and Celes pictures close to as how the other three appeared, so here we are. ^^

Celes is definitely one of the all-time top FF females out there. Final Fantasy 6 was a great ending to an era of video games with Celes cementing herself to the generation of classic generation of FF players, along with the rest of the cast of that fantastic game. With the release of FF7 though, the new crowd ushered in would likely never experience the grandure, and even with the handful of re-releases we see today, its clear that the game will remain a love of the heart only to classic gamers. Heres to you Celes, you're so great, I couldn't stand drawing you any less than twice, so Arly features the great general's standard femme fatale armor as well as her gown from the tear-jerking performance in the opera house.

PS: Arly probably isn't the greatest singer, but if it makes a bunny happy...

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    best FF character.

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      Can Tabi suplex a train?
      Awful that pop culture mostly only remembers that :P

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        hmmmm,i'm not sure who Tabi would be in that :P

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    My second favourite Arly elf pic of recent memory. Can't pick a favourite between them, though the one on the right has a distinctive charm for the uh... circlet, yeah... :P
    Some of your best work, I think, hun.