Arly "Dagger" Til Alexandros XVII by Arlyurl

Arly "Dagger" Til Alexandros XVII


20 February 2014 at 03:56:06 MST

Woohoo, continuing on with the pictures that were fully colored for the FF cosplay-athon, we have one of my favorites, Garnet. Now I already typed up a bunch for this, so I'll copypasta from FA if you don't mind.

"Going back, FF9 is really an unsung classic, proposedly recieving poor reception as the majority of previous FF fans didn't appreciate the art style or the fact you played what was essentially a monkey boy as the main protagonist... and even the antagonist Kuja's sexuality is up for considerable debate today... But alas, the Royal Summoner known by so many names belongs to the game that has a place in my heart almost as dear as the number 1 coming soon on this project, and no one forgets that iconic orange attire. Actually I love the game so much it was a toss-up between using Garnet's outfit vs Beatrix's as I'm also fond of the semi-antagonist's storyline and character as well. But lets try to keep it to protagonists if we can..."

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    loved this character, like her alot more that you are dressed as her.

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    Aaaand... moved beyond the FF characters I know. She looks neat, tho. Or rather, Arly looks neat half-in, half-out of her outfit. :P