Arly Lockhart (Color ver.) by Arlyurl

Arly Lockhart (Color ver.)


20 February 2014 at 01:17:39 MST

So I wanted to repost the Final Fantasy cosplay series, but I wanted to color the Tifa and Celes pictures close to as how the other three appeared, so here we are. ^^

Tifa is one of my top five FF characters essentially for three reasons. When I was young, she served as the closest avatar in a game as I could ever hope to have in video games and still quite well holds that position... though Square has tried to tone her down in recent years to my aggrivation. And while Lulu is a nice motherly character, Tifa's sympathy for others and playing a fairly significant part in the story of FFVII has helped her be more memoriable than just a pair of tits. Coupled with the fact she proves its okay to be a good looking woman in a hand-to-hand role while the men rely on pitiful compensating weaponry is all a nice bonus. :P

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    Cloud was totally never compensating with all his big weaponry.... Nope nope nope!

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    Still liking it :3.

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    dolphin kick!

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      Hmm... shoulda gone with that pose, yes? :P

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    C'moooooon, top burst! Looks like it'll happen aaaaaaaaaany second now. :P