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CosMoo2016 - Undertale by Arlyurl

CosMoo2016 - Undertale


8 October 2016 at 20:40:25 MDT


After much agonizing, I had a conversation with my friendly fox friend about whether I should go with Toriel or Sans for this one. Arly is obviously supershortmilf, and I'd technically drawn her as Toriel before. But Sans is actually short, loves puns, has a preference for sleeping on the job and sneaking up on you... also the idea of Arly in some skull face paint sounded weirdly adorable. Then I had an idea of how to include both! With Stel's own milf, Laurund!

So there!

I still wonder if I went overboard with the body paint. The face area, particularly the mouth, I was constantly debating over. And debating if I shoulda went with black circle for the paint around white eyes or... I thought the black was nice and just made the whole face white. Not the first time they've been black. Anyways, hope the overall presentation is pleasing. :P

Undertale (c) Toby Fox


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    I love this soooooo much! Superb work, great idea, everything's amazing! I'd gush more but I'm trying to doodle myself right now. :P
    Love it! Thanks so much for including Laurund! She looks amazing, too! ^^

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    so awesome, told you all the things i like ^^, the joke is great and the look at the camera is funny and fitting. really love those lips.

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    The face paint looks amazing Moo. Not overboard at all. It's an awesome costume and would be amazing to see y'all trick or treating. ^^ Brilliant work

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    Sans Moo and Toriel Stel is fantastic I love this! I love Arly's pouty lips poking out through the make up and cellphone with the picture there is a nice touch. Great work moo!

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    A silly moo and a silly milf :P

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    There are so many reasons to love this- the way you translated the costumes onto the characters is top notch!- but my favorite thing, weirdly, is how you designed the hoodie to have pockets on the undersides of the boobs. That's just. It's so thoughtful. I love it.

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    not a bad cosplay actually, Sans is one of my favorite characters with his humor, air of mystery, and very fun to listen to song

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    This is so much awesome with a side of beef
    ...hah...see what I- anyway the coloring is just great and Arly and Stel look very nice in their costumes!